Scale your start-up with out-of-the-box approaches to any bottlenecks

The world of startups is driven by high uncertainty

Consider these startling statistics about the Indian startup scene:

  1. India is the third largest ecosystem of startups in the world.
  2. Unfortunately, a staggering 90% of startups fail within the first 5 years because of inexperienced founders.
  3. 92% small business owners share that mentors help in the “growth” and “survival” of the business.

Scaling up a startup is an art that could be understood only by getting your hands soiled. There are entrepreneurs who are visionaries and have unique ability to conceive and growth-hack a product or a brand. However, there are startups which have a reasonably good idea or a product but fail to expand in a given market.

A unique combination of a proven product or a service, effective founding team, apt market positioning, right investors, efficient sales strategy, unique brand identity are some of the factors which needs to align together so that a startup starts generating revenue and getting traction.

We aid the process of getting start-ups “unstuck”

We help identify the problems faced by startups from various angles and help the team come up with strategic solutions pertaining to sales, marketing, finance and idea validation. Multiple meetings, unbiased feedback and mentorship from our team of management experts and consultants help you take your dream startup to the next level.

Struggling with sales? Or brand positioning and identity? We’re here to help!

A management consultant brings with him:

  • Years of experience
  • Honest feedback
  • Strategic roadmap for growth
  • Networking with the right people at the right time
  • Deep domain knowledge
  • A futuristic view and pitfalls to be avoided

Often, the right perspectives regarding its growth potential and operational mechanisms that complement the given strategy is what every business needs. That’s why we are committed in helping you in cross-pollinating ideas, grooms your team, suggests to you apt strategies, and creates a road map for your team.

We believe that it is both the entrepreneurial and business mindset that has to be fostered in the team’s DNA so that the current day startups get noticed amongst the crowd. Times have changed and beyond idea and a prototype, it is a team with a “go-to-market solution” which the investors are looking at.

We offer the following solutions for startups:

Sales Strategies: How to develop a sales mindset among your team- and not view sales as the “devil”. The common pitfalls in approaching sales from a startup’s perspective is conveyed and understood by interaction.

Marketing Strategies: Create marketing paradigms around value and communicating it through right channels to the right target segments.

Finance Strategies:Helping start-ups becoming aware of the financial implications and mastering cash flows, valuation, and funding mechanisms to be investor ready.

Idea Validation: Support on product-market fit of the idea and assistance in gathering both market and industry data.

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