Here are the top 4 reasons your brand needs a content strategy

Digital content has become paramount important for people and brands to tell their stories to the world. Improving brand perception can only be pivoted around ingenuous content, be it through words, images, audio, video or animations.

But here’s the challenge.

Statistics suggest that branding and marketing is the major area where many start-ups and medium sized firms face gross problems in India. They might have a competitive market validated product or a service and an excellent team; however they are not able to sell their product to their target market segments.

While analyzing this, we must note that India as a population consumes much more content than it produces in the digital space. Indians are in top 5 when it comes to consumption of Wikipedia content, but on the contribution side, we are not even among the top 100 countries.


This shows why we end up faring bad in businesses when many developed nations have found successful niche in product marketing and how we find ourselves sidelined despite having competitive product inceptions.

So here’s why you must invest in a top-notch, effective and actionable content strategy:

  1. Good content is something that produces engagement; helps retain loyal followers and results in actual sales in the current day world. 78% people prefer getting to know a company through articles rather than ads.
  2. It is through words and images that your general audience perceives and evaluates your brand. Content is very important in relaying your brand so that it occupies the mind space of a prospective customer. Businesses remain small or big depending upon scalability of the content. As your business grows, so does its content footprint. Also, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.
  3. Marketing aspects comes post the production of engaging content. Populating contents over your website, landing pages, social media, blogs and other channels like emails is a basic step to be content rich. You will need the services of a content writer, graphic designer, UI-UX designer before you could engage the digital marketer.
  4. For that you would have to lay out your content strategy first before you can have a digital strategy. If you look closely, all the powerful brands are built around seamless content spread out over every possible medium. If you are aiming at market disruption, not only the technology you rely on is important but also your digital footprints in terms of content.

Good content should adhere to the 7Cs of communication. Clarity, Conciseness, Concreteness, Correctness, Coherence, Completeness and Courteousness. You can play around these aspects while generating content but violating any of the 7Cs can majorly backfire your brand.

Practice this in your internal and external communications and you will notice that you and your brand brings in a positive vibe in your audience. On the top of it, credibility and creativity are the other Cs which form the benchmark.

Growing demand for content has increased the need of smart and experienced content marketers who can help you position your company among the lot. This is where we would like to pitch in as dedicated team of content creators who are experienced, create value and results. Better content can drive traffic to a blog by up to 2,000%.

On a primary level Urban Muse will offer services at your doorstep, flexibility being our forte. We will do a thorough research on your brand or a firm. And will start working afresh or fixing your current content strategy.

Start building a kick-ass content strategy

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